Welcome to Friends of Haven Green in Ealing

Haven Green is cherished in Ealing as the Jewel in the Crown of the Queen of the Suburbs.


The Friends of Haven Green (FoHG) is an independent community group which speaks up for the Green to protect it for the perpetual enjoyment of Ealing residents and visitors alike.


FoHG is affiliated to, and supports the work of Save Ealing's Centre

The compound has gone!!

So what have we now got?

  • The area has been re-turfed
  • We have an unintentional lake in the middle of the turf (we had already questioned the specification of the de-compaction - presumably it did not go deep enough)
  • We still have the Electricity sub-station - SSE will remove it at their convenience; Apparently it supplies power to the Taxi Rank and Cycle Hub (against the findings of a previous Planning Inspector)
  • We still have the cycle racks set in concrete on common land near the railway line; these were supposed to have been removed when the station upgrade was completed
  • The old 65 bus lay-by is still being used by contractors working on the station surrounds - despite promises to put it back to grass as instructed by the Planning Inspector

Haven Green's new 'Lake'.   All we need now is some ducks!


Ealing Council - Any suggestions?

Our aims


 ‘to secure the conservation, protection and improvement of Haven Green and its environs as an important place of local historic, architectural, ecological and aesthetic significance and to safeguard the public right to the quiet enjoyment of the Green.’ 

Our 5 point agenda ...

to work with the Council authorities who manage Haven Green to:


1. Maintain and improve the quality of the green environment. 

2. Protect and enhance the historic character of the buildings that surround the Green. 

3. Manage the traffic better and give pedestrians higher priority. 

4. Encourage appropriate recreational activity and curb anti-social behaviour. 

5. Protect the Green as Common Land and a historic Village Green.


In detail.....

Download this leaflet which explains who FoHG is and what it does:

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