5 point agenda

Protect and enhance the historic character of the buildings that surround the Green

Haven Green’s village-like character is another reason why people cherish it so strongly. But even though the Green lies at the centre of a Conservation Area, this special quality is threatened by unsympathetic new development.

In 2009 the Government rejected a proposal for a 28 storey tower above the railway because of its impact on the Green, but new proposals are likely to come forward and they must be designed sympathetically. Smaller scale changes to houses and shop fronts create a more cumulative threat.

FoHG comments on all planning applications that affect the Green to try to safeguard its character. We will also seek to work with the Council and local businesses to ensure the implantation and improvement of the Council’s Conservation Area Appraisal and its Management plan. And we want to work with the Conservation Panel on such initiatives as guidelines for shop fronts and on the design of street furniture. 


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