Events on Haven Green

Friends of Haven Green say.......

"Many events take place on the Green that give it great interest and vitality to it, especially when they are organised by local groups for whom the Green is a place for the community to come together. Such events need to be well managed to ensure they do not intrude too heavily on the enjoyment of others, especially when alcohol or amplified music are involved.  

FoHG wants to work with the authorities who license events on the Green to make sure events are well-managed. We also want to work with the licensing authorities to curb alcohol misuse on the Green."

What do you think about recent events?

Have recent events enhanced Haven Green? or have they detracted from it?

Are you a neigbour of the Green - what was your experience?

Do you use the Green for recreation or relaxation - have events got in your way or spoilt your enjoyment.

Give us your views on the events that have already been held (name and date of event & your comment) and what sort of events would YOU like to see on Haven Green?


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