Court Case: FoHG v LBE

Friends of Haven Green has commenced court action against the Council to sort out encroachments on the Green

FoHG’s application cites 5 incursions it says contravene Acts of Parliament that protect Common land. These concern:

  • the electricity substation,
  • ‘temporary’ stands for 110 cycles,
  • the cycle hub and shelter along the diagonal road,
  • a new taxi egress road
  • CCTV poles.


FoHG has since extended its claim to include work done last autumn which it believes also encroaches on the Common land.


FoHG greatly regret taking this step, but we see no alternative. National legislation protects Common land, but Government policy is that the duty of enforcing it lies with the public and with civic amenity bodies like FoHG. 


We are being represented by a barister who is instructed by a solicitor with the Environmental Law Foundation


Haven Green is as an important area of open space at the heart of the town centre and enjoyed by the whole community. It is coming under serious threat from the developments in the town centre - especially at Ealing Broadway Station.  TfL has planned for a 60% rise in passenger numbers at the station, and most of these new passengers will pass through the Green as they enter or leave the station.  This is bringing more and more demand for bus stops, cycle parking and wider footpaths etc, and this is starting to cause serious harm to the qualities of the Green that make it such an important feature in Ealing. 


There have been many opportunities to add extra capacity at the station now it is being redeveloped. These should be considered more carefully.